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The Aragonese Strategy for Climate Change. Horizon 2030 (EACC 2030), approved in the Governing Council on February 12th 2019 (BOA of March 19th 2019), is the result of the commitment of the Government of Aragon to the challenges introduced by the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030, both promoted by the United Nations. This strategy constitutes the reference framework in Aragon for the development of public policies and the necessary measures, within the Horizon 2030 framework, for the mitigation of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and adaptation to climate change in the activities carried out in our territory.

In order to strengthen the commitment of the Government of Aragon to climate change, the Council of the Government of Aragon approved on December 3, 2019, the Institutional Declaration of the Government of Aragon on Climate Change and Sustainable Development (BOA of January 14, 2020), in line with those approved by Congress and the European Parliament. Through this declaration, the Government of Aragon commits itself to work to reverse climate change in a transversal manner in all areas of activity. Therefore, it is essential that each body of the Autonomous Community establishes climate action measures to achieve the objectives set out in the Aragonese Climate Change Strategy.

In terms of governance, Aragon has the Government of Aragon's Interdepartmental Commission on Climate Change, a collegiate advisory and interdepartmental coordination body on climate change of the Government of Aragon, attached to the Department of the Government of Aragon with powers on climate change. On the other hand, from the approval of the EACC 2030 derives the constitution of the Aragonese Climate Council, a consultative and advisory body of the Government of Aragon to strengthen the governance of climate change, to promote the measures of mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, as well as the monitoring of the Aragonese Climate Change Strategy-Horizon 2030 (EACC-2030).

Finally, the Observatory of Climate Change in Aragon is configured as a space for information, research and knowledge transfer, providing a space for all those environmental, territorial, social and economic aspects that may be interfered with by the current process of climate change. To this end, work is underway to create a website, which was created with the aim of compiling all the scientific information that the various researchers and research groups in Aragon have generated on climate change.

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