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Actions to protect and improve the quality of peatland systems in the Catalan Pyrenees in the framework of the GREE Project.

  • 07 Mar

The Pyrenees mountain range is a great biodiversity reserve characterized by a high diversity of natural ecosystems and extraordinary species.

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The OPCC convenes a session on climate change at the annual meeting of the European Meteorological Society.

  • 07 Mar

Mountains are very sensitive to the climate change. Usually, they have much less station density, and therefore, less information are known from the higher elevated areas.

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On November 9th the Working Community of the Pyrenees launched a new Advisory Council on climate change in the Pyrenees

  • 12 Dec

This Advisory Council has been tasked with reflecting and advising the Working Community of the Pyrenees with a view to guiding the work of the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory.

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