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Adaptation to the impacts of climate change has become the other pillar of the fight against climate change, alongside mitigation policies. Adaptation is the capacity of natural or human systems to adjust to climate change and its impacts in order to moderate damage or take advantage of opportunities.

One of the aims of Law 16/2017 of 1 August on climate change is to reduce the vulnerability of the population, socio-economic sectors and terrestrial and marine ecosystems to the adverse impacts of climate change, and to create and strengthen national capacities to respond to these impacts.

Likewise, the Law establishes that the Government of the Generalitat will approve the Strategic Reference Framework for Adaptation to Climate Change at the proposal of the Interdepartmental Commission on Climate Change, taking into account the reports on climate change in Catalonia.

This strategic framework is the Catalan Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change 2013-2020, which it contains:

  • The evaluation of the impacts, according to the state of knowledge.
  • The identification of natural systems, territories and the most vulnerable socioeconomic sectors.
  • A proposal of the necessary adaptation measures to reduce vulnerability.

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