Field trip to the Pyrenees of the PHUSICOS project

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Field trip to the Pyrenees of the PHUSICOS project

  • 18 Jul

On the 4th and 5th of June 2019 took place the field visit of the PHUSICOS project in the Pyrenees, which works for territorial adaptation to natural hazards. The 4th of June was dedicated to the visit of different sites in the Bastan valley and the 5th of June to the visit of Pourtalet and different NBS sites.

At the end of the visit of the Bastan Valley, the group composed of partners and competent authorities had the opportunity to meet with a representative of the Barèges Town Hall and make a summary of the day. The Barèges Town Council then offered its full support to the project.


The involvement of all stakeholders is very important. Within the framework of the project there are several partners who are specialists in participatory processes and who are going to monitor and help in these processes. It is crucial to involve and inform stakeholders from the outset so that they can participate in the definition and conception of nature-based solutions for adaptation to natural hazards.

Full report of the visit: /sites/default/files/editor/informe_visita_campo_phusicos_es-fr-en-ca.pdf






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