The OPCC organises a conference on natural risks and climate change on the 12th November 2018 in Zaragoza

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The OPCC organises a conference on natural risks and climate change on the 12th November 2018 in Zaragoza

  • 02 Nov

The Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory (OPCC) is to host a conference on climate change and natural risks in the Pyrenees as part of the 36th Plenary Council of the Working Community of the Pyrenees (CTP). The conference will take place on November 12th in Zaragoza and will address the biggest challenges relative to climate change and natural risks during two parallel seminars and a round table.

The climate change seminar will present the Report on Climate Change in the Pyrenees: Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Adaptation and will include the participation of the chapter organisers and OPCC coordinators. The report compiles the scientific basis for climate change impacts and the consequences for the Pyrenees region with a view to guiding policy in the right direction. More than 100 scientists have participated in writing and reviewing the report and a dozen will speak during the seminar.

The seminar on natural risks and civil protection—organised in collaboration with other POCTEFA projects (Alert, Securus, Helinet, Inturpyr and Cooperem)—will look at the main challenges to preventing natural risks in the Pyrenees. Civil protection will be a focal point of the seminar, which aims to be a forum for dialogue between all important representatives from the sector.

The climate change and natural risks conference will culminate with a round table moderated by the journalist Eduardo Lolumo. It will bring together some of the main themes tackled in the seminars as well as addressing global issues, such as the progress of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (an international document adopted by UN member states) and the Paris Agreement on climate change (an agreement within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change).

The conference programme is available here.

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