The Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change is organising a visit to the study sites of the PHUSICOS project at the Portalet border crossing.

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The Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change is organising a visit to the study sites of the PHUSICOS project at the Portalet border crossing.

  • 21 Sep

In collaboration with the Espace Pourtalet GECT, the Pyrenean Observatory of Climate Change and the Pyrenees Working Community organized on Friday 11 September two site visits in the framework of the H2020 PHUSICOS project. The Col du Pourtalet and the Ermita de Santa Elena are two of the several case studies in the Pyrenees of the PHUSICOS project where Nature-based Solutions will be implemented to reduce natural risks of rock falls 

The day started at 10:00 am where different French and Spanish actors involved in the protection against natural risks (RTM-ONF, Laruns Town Council, Pyrenees National Park, CD Pyrénées Atlantiques, CT Bielsa-Aragnouet) were able to take part in the first visit organised by Santiago Fábregas (Espace Pourtalet GECT) and Eva García Balaguer (OPCC-CTP). After a short walk in the forest, they were able to present the site where the different solutions based on nature will be installed (wooden nets to prevent rock fall and trees cut down to slow down rock fall). This site is particularly dangerous because stones frequently fall on the road below, a fall which unfortunately caused one death in 2013.

After this visit, a presentation was organized to present the H2020 PHUSICOS project in more detail: its philosophy, the different experiments it is setting up and and above all to incorporate agents from the territory in the process of developing these solutions. This was an opportunity for the participants to ask questions and initiate very interesting discussions about the project and the different challenges to be taken up in order to achieve it. PHUSICOS is a European cooperation project coordinated by the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute and entirely financed by the H2020 program.

A well-deserved meal allowed everyone to continue the discussions in a less formal but equally interesting and forward looking atmosphere.

Early afternoon, the group, joined by representatives of the Ayuntamiento de Biescas and the Gobierno de Aragón, headed towards the site of the second visit (the hermitage of Santa Elena) which also faces very dangerous rock falls and an old solution that no longer provides an answer to the problem. The solution to be projected can also give a better quality to the environment. 

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