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On November 12th at 4pm the virtual meeting "ADAPYR Answers 2." will take place, a question and answer space aimed at presenting the advances of the OPCC ADAPYR project. The OPCC ADAPYR project is a project programmed in the third call of the Interreg POCTEFA 2014-2020 programme that continues the work of the OPCC2 project and will work on three axes:

Do you want to know more about how the climate could be projected  in the Pyrenees in the coming decades, how global warming is affecting our summit ecosystems, water resources or how the Pyrenean Climate Change Strategy is progressing?

The OPCC is organising a series of thematic virtual seminars to look in depth at the impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable sectors of our mountain range. 

Every Thursday, from October 1st, we offer you this series of six thematic seminars. 

Hello everyone and welcome to the second OPCC newsletter of 2020.

A lot has happened since our last newsletter. Little by little, life is reviving again in our offices and the OPCC team is finally back together to organize many events and advance their projects.

More than 100 people participate in the " ADAPYR RESPONDE " Webinar
The OPCC calls for good practices in the management and prevention of natural risks within the framework of the SUDOE MONTCLIMA project.
Accumulation measurement of the Ossoue glacier 2020
MONTCLIMA Natural Risks and Climate Change in Mountain areas

According to the World Soil Charter (FAO, 2015), "Healthy soils are a basic prerequisite for meeting diverse needs for food, biomass (energy), fibre, fodder and other products, and for ensuring the delivery of essential ecosystem services in all regions of the world. However, humanity is facing unprecedented pressures on land resources. In particular, various types of degradation - including sealing due to rapid urbanization - are taking a heavy toll, threatening food security and ecological balance.

The OPCC calls for good practices in the management and prevention of natural risks within the framework of the SUDOE MONTCLIMA project.

Mountain areas are among the territories most affected by natural risks and these risks are expected to increase due to the effects of climate change (more severe droughts, higher average temperatures, changes in the rainfall regime). These risks know no administrative limits and require transnational coordination.

On 9 July at 16:00 will take place the virtual meeting "ADAPYR Aswe you", an event to present the ADAPYR project and analyse the climate challenges in the Pyrenees. Participants will be able to intervene and interact with representatives of the different partner organisations of the project.


Welcome to our OPCC Newsletter, the second one in 2020,

We wish all our readers good health and that little by little we will overcome this stage of confinement, which is longer than expected. We hope that we can progressively return to normality.

First OPCC ADAPYR Coordination Committee
Strong Temperature Increase in the Pyrenees - CLIMPY OPCC
Presentation and News about MONTCLIMA Project

Good morning everyone,


This year's first newsletter has just arrived with the latest news from the previous quarter. First of all, we are pleased and proud to announce that OPCC2 will continue through the new Poctefa OPCC- ADAPYR project, which will last until mid-2022.

Conclusions of OPCC 2019 Colloquium on Climate Change in Mountain Areas
COP25 under the Chilean presidency in Madrid


Good afternoon,

Last newsletter before the big day! We are sending you the final version of the programme of the colloquium which will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2019 at the Congress Centre in Jaca (Huesca). 







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