Sharing experiences is the key: send us your good adaptation practice!

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Sharing experiences is the key: send us your good adaptation practice!

  • 26 Jan

The OPCC-ADAPYR project is updating and expanding the good practices for adaptation to climate change portal. This portal aims to be a window to successful, innovative and replicable experiences in the Pyrenees. We are now trying to collect new practices with a greater emphasis on issues and areas that are not sufficiently covered so far. 
Cooperation and collaborative work are key to the development of communication, observation, capitalisation and knowledge transfer actions on climate change in the mountain range. They are also essential to propose adaptation recommendations based on scientific knowledge. 
To this end, we once again call on your expertise and ask for your help in identifying and sharing new concrete and applied experiences. Putting recommendations into practice is not always easy and innovative and original examples are a source of inspiration.
You can send them to us using  this form.



To facilitate and simplify the work, we have designed a format that is simple and quick to respond. We recommend being brief, concise and providing, where possible, quantitative data to assess the results that have been achieved. 
In the event that you know of a success story in which you have not been directly involved and for which you do not have detailed information, we invite you to send us a contact person to whom we can send the information directly. 
A small effort on your part can have a big impact and inspire new transformative actions in other parts of the Pyrenees. 

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