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Thematic sectors: 
Future climate
Past and current climate
Sensitive high mountain ecosystems
Political sectors EU: 
Biodiversity, climate, and tourism.
Geographic characterisation - Biogeographic region: 
Project duration: 
Adaptation initiative typology: 
Green or based on ecosystem services
Type of climate impact: 
Cryosphere degradation
Landslides and subsidence
Water scarcity
Heat waves and other extreme events
Extreme temperatures

Description of the case study

MeteoMuntanya is a product created and managed by the Catalonia Meteorological Service (SMC) and the Catalonia Federation of Excursion Entities (FEEC), and is geared towards those who practice mountain activities.
This tool has great thematic transversality, including products related to weather forecasting, real-time atmosphere status monitoring, climate products, and the analysis of recent situations. has six sections that allow content to be accessed more easily and efficiently: mountain forecast, competition forecast, weather now, television, episode analysis, and climate calendars. 

Challenges : 

It has become a useful platform for meteorological information on mountain areas, as well as for education and dissemination on meteorology for all those interested. It is a tool that supports various objectives that can be defined as good adaptation, such as public protection against extreme weather events, the diversification and deseasonalisation of mountain tourism, and encouraging sustainable tourism.

Objectives : 

The platform has the mission of becoming a benchmark in mountain meteorology and the various meteorological variables that can affect safety.
It pursues the following goals:
» Facilitating access to existing meteorological information produced by the SMC through different types of existing devices.
» Adapting this information to the requirements of outdoor activity professionals and aficionados.
» Raising awareness about meteorological dangers to avoid compromised situations and guarantee personal safety.

Solutions : 

» Predicting weather automatically on peaks beyond the Pyrenean range: cross-cutting range and coastal massifs and pre-massifs such as Montseny, Montserrat, and Puertos. 
» Distributing other products such as the new Pyrenees region meteorological forecast video.
» Periodic commentary on meteorological conditions from a perspective focused on activities and safety. 
» Meteorological focuses on certain specific events such as mountain races, hikes, Skimo trials, etc.
» Activity and event planning tools such as weather calendars in different points of the region.
» Analysis of past episodes to improve user knowledge on the conditions that could be faced in the mountains, as well as advancing knowledge on meteorology in this area.
» Relevant news and information regarding mountain meteorology through social media and mobile applications.

Importance and relevance of the adaptation : 

Case mainly implemented via objectives from other non-adaptation policies, though with significant consideration for climate change adaptation aspects. 

Key words : 
Civil Protection
Sustainable Tourism
Region and / or city: 
Countries involved: 
Geographical governance level : 
Organisations involved : 

The Catalonia Meteorological Service and the Catalonia Federation of Excursion Entities (FEEC)

Additional Information

Stakeholder participation : 

The Catalonia Federation of Excursion Entities (FEEC)

Success and limiting factors : 

The project provides benefits for the general public, and excursionists in particular. 
Not only is it a civil prevention and information tool, it is also educational, meaning that it also meets long-term positive objectives.


Cost-benefit analysis : 

Does not include any assessment.

Legal aspects : 

Not part of any co-financed European project. 

Implementation period : 

11/01/2016 (in progress)

Reference information

Contact : 
Luis Carlos Guitard Sein-Echaluce
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