Progress is being made in the implementation of nature-based solutions in Erill la Vall...

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Progress is being made in the implementation of nature-based solutions in Erill la Vall...

  • 13 Jun

Last December 17th, we met in Vall de Boí (Catalonia, Spain) and we have given new impetus to the PHUSICOS project. We were more than 20 people, municipal authorities and technicians, inhabitants of the valley, experts of the project and actors of many other institutions to see the extent of the problem, to reflect and to discuss the conceived solutions.


The Erill "ravine" is almost part of the landscape for all the inhabitants of the valley, but it is nevertheless the visible face of an erosion problem that the PHUSICOS project has undertaken to study and solve.

The project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme and aims to experiment and test the effectiveness of innovative, nature-based solutions to natural hazards in mountain areas. The project is led by the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) with a number of other European partners, technical and specialists in natural hazards, participatory techniques and risk modelling.

In Erill la Vall, since mid-2021, collaborative work with the Vall de Boí town council, the Office of Climate Change of the Generalitat de Catalunya (OCCC), Kuroba4, ARC Mediación Ambiental and the Pyrenean Climate Change Observatory (OPCC) has identified and designed nature-based solutions to this erosion problem. Indeed, during heavy rains or torrential events, landslides are generated which can affect the village of Erill la Vall. With the support of the project, work has been planned to stabilise the moraine and prevent the flow of debris towards the urban area. The population and the schools of the Boí valley are very involved and accompany every step of the project.

Erill la Vall is one of the four pilot sites in the Pyrenees where the PHUSICOS project is developing nature-based solutions as a medium and long-term solution to mitigate the risks of erosion, falling rocks and even avalanches. The OPCC coordinates the implementation of the solutions designed with all stakeholders and capitalises on the experience to make the Pyrenees an ever more resilient territory!



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