More than 100 people participate in the " ADAPYR RESPONDE " Webinar

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More than 100 people participate in the " ADAPYR RESPONDE " Webinar

  • 15 Jul

On Thursday 9 July, the Pyrenean Observatory for Climate Change (OPCC) organized a webinar to present its new project OPCC ADAPYR. More than 100 people participated and followed this exchange between experts representing partner entities of the project and the general public.

Many points were discussed, from the impact of present and future climate change on the climate, to flora, fauna, glaciers, natural disasters and socio-economic issues such as tourism. There was also a reflection on the need for (and how to) mobilize citizens, the search for relevant indicators to monitor the effects of climate change as effectively as possible, and how project partners could work together and in the same way.

Thanks to the active participation, the reactivity and the pedagogy of the speakers, each question received a clear answer with simultaneous translation in French and Spanish, allowing the event to maintain a fluid pace.

The one and a half hour webinar ended with the words of the head of the OPCC ADAPYR project, Eva García Balaguer:

"With ADAPYR, we are going to work to perpetuate the observations made in previous OPCC projects in order to make solid, updated and fast decisions. The aim is to maintain the continuous work of joint observation, to know what is happening to our massif, and to make this information available by improving its use and access. The success of the project will depend on the network: we are nothing separately; the 12 partner entities - and 30 associates - must put our work together to achieve adaptation to climate change. We have a strong consortium.  We invite all those interested to follow us and share our progress in this project

The full recording of the event is available on the OPCC YouTube channel :








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